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Recently, Nike announce the information of the new Nike Air Max 270 Release. Although it seems that this pair of shoes has nothing special compared with the new released Of cheap air max by Nike every year, but carefully to know the background of these shoes. Configuration, you will find that things are not so that simple.

Why is it called nike air max 270?

Why it is called 270?270 is originally a nickname for Nike Air Max 93 inside Nike, because the latter uses a 270-degree exposed Air cushion, it is worth mentioning that the Air Max 270 is inspired by NIKE AIR MAX 93 andNIKE AIR MAX 180。

Why is the Nike Air Max 270 so hot?

Why is the Nike Air Max 270 so hot? That is because It was inspired by the two pairs of shoes Nike sold - the Air Max 180 and the Air Max 93, both from the legendary designer Tinker Hatfield (where the Air Max 180 is Tinker worked with Air Force 1 designer Bruce Kilgore). Therefore, this pair of Air Max 270 and Tinker also have deep roots. The Nike Air Max 270 heel is 3.2 cm thick and features a large rear heel cushion for better cushioning and comfort. The first NBA star, who was the first to experience the largest custom Air Max 270,he is Kevin Durant. first wore the Air Max 270 while playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Later, even wearing it to enjoy the holiday, it is obvious that this shoe is not only On the battlefield, there is no problem in daily travel.

Why Nike air max 270 is so suitable for running?

Running is a sport that wears a lot of ankles and knees. A pair of high-quality running shoes is a must. People have been studying how to effectively increase the cushioning performance so that people can fully participate in the movement to avoid the occurrence of injuries. NIKE has done a good job on this trouble, promotes the research of cushioning technology, and is equipped with a high-performance sole, so that the damage caused by vibration can be effectively reduced. The Air Max 270 has a very thick heel that gives a very reliable feel. The Air series is designed for sports by NIKE, and strives to provide the most comfortable experience, so that your shoes can perform well when worn. Air perfectly brings the sport into the usual life, so you can experience a good foot feeling while walking.

Nike air max 270 latest style Nike Air Max 270 React

Since its released in 2018, cheap nike Air Max 270 has become the first casual Air class sneaker. The Air Max 270 React combines the best of both worlds with the 270 Air cushioning configuration and the cushioning of React foam. Designed with a variety of concepts, traditional tongues and fast lacing systems are cleverly combined to meet the needs of athletes. From the aesthetic, the 270 React's design combines art and shoe style to create a unique color combination. Inspired by the unique colors and textures of the diverse art styles of the past 100 years. As we all know, art can always lead to various interpretations and emotional connections through different media in different eras. The new Air Max 270 React helps to showcase the wearer's style, so each design creates a variety of styles. The color matching Of Nike Air Max 270 React

Each color of the Nike Air Max 270 React is an interpretation of an artistic style or representative of sports. The Nike Air Max 270 ReactBauhaus, the main style above,is uses a minimalist geometric design and a medieval style to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school. The eye-catching "hybrid" sneaker star once met the visual and foot needs of the shoe control, and Dylan Raasch, Nike's senior sportswear design director, was a generous launch of multiple colors! Once again, people feel deeply that only NIKE can surpass NIKE. The colorful colors and stitching elements make the whole pair of shoes look quite light and lively, and the high-tech has a little retro feeling - no matter whether it is sports or styling!

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